JOYCE MAKES PIE: a full length video

$19.95 + $4 shipping/handling

In this video, taped in Joyce’s kitchen by documentary film maker

Jay Rigler, she makes a pie...but it's not really just about pie, of course.

Along the way, she talk about mothers, marriage, love, loss, and -- the

never ending controversy -- what makes the best shortening? If you're

interested in having a copy of the whole thing (as the perfect

accompaniment to your own pie party, perhaps, or as a tutorial to

watch in advance of making your next pie), the video is available and

will reach you within the month. ORDER or call: 415-332-6367 to speak

to the folks at Rigler Productions.


$10 + $4 shipping/handling

A soundtrack to the book, Where Love Goes. Featuring songs

by Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Aimee

Mann, Nanci Griffith, and more. ORDER

AT HOME IN THE WORLD: abridged version on cassette

$10 + $4 shipping/handling

Joyce's memoir, At Home in the World,  reveals what happened when

her first, major article, “An Eighteen Year Old Looks Back on Life,”

appeared in the New York Times Magazine, and the real story behind the

book that followed, Looking Back: A Chronicle of Growing Up Old in

the Sixties. (published 1973). ORDER

STORIES ON AUDIO: written and recorded by Joyce

$8 each + $4 shipping/handling

Over the years,  Joyce has written dozens of pieces for a variety of magazines and newspapers, as well as for her syndicated column, “Domestic Affairs.” Her audio compilations feature a handful of these stories, read in her own voice. Some of the stories on What Happened were first heard on NPR's “All Things Considered.”

  1. Bullet   What Happened: Stories about Love, Life, and Other Adventures

        Audio cassette: Some of Joyce’s best and most beloved stories, including

        “My Date with Steve Martin”, “My Mother’s Chutney”, “On the Court”,

        “My Mother’s Ashes” and many others. ORDER

  1. Bullet    Nobody's Daughter Anymore: The Summer I Lost My Mother

        Audio cassette: The story of one mother and daughter, but it's also

        about mothers and daughters everywhere, about losing a parent, letting

        go of a child, and growing up. ORDER


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