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NEW 2007 Special Addition: In Honor of Mothers

Columns and Articles by Joyce Maynard

On these pages, I'll share with you a small collection of my published columns and articles. Some you might remember from my syndicated column, Domestic Affairs; others originally appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers.

Periodically, I will feature new articles here, and, we'll also be adding more of my past Domestic Affairs columns. I hope you'll take the time to sign up for email updates, which you will receive anytime a story is added.

I hope my stories, about myself and my children, will inspire you with a few of your own.

An Eighteen-Year-Old Looks Back on Life

The New York Time Magazine, April 23, 1972While I had published articles in major magazines by 1972, this is the essay that caught the nation's attention -- making me an unintended spokesman for my generation and leading to the publication of my book, Looking Back. I've decided to post a portion of the essay here, though complete copies are available for readers and teachers.

True Life Stories

I like to tell stories. Mostly about myself, since I'm the person I know best. My audio tapes, What Happened and Nobody's Daughter Anymore, contain more personal, true life stories.
NEW Lost and Sound, by Charlie Bethel Added March 13, 2009
Captured on Film
— Added May 24, 2008
Transplanted Gardener
— Added May 10, 2008
Someone Like Me, But Younger
Added March 25, 2008
Most Requested: The Stories We Tell
Added November 27, 2006

On Being a Parent

As I move away, myself, from the stage of life I inhabited so long -- caring for young children -- I thought I'd share with you some of the columns I used to write, back in my days as a monthly contributor to Parenting Magazine, as well as some newer pieces.

NEW Lost Sword — Added March 13, 2009
NEW Pie — Added March 24, 2009

Special 2007 Addition:

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For Writers

A lot of you have been telling me in your e-mails that you are writers yourselves. I don't set myself up as an authority here, but as a person who's been sitting herself down at the typewriter nearly every morning for 25 years, I do have a thing or two to say about the process of writing, and particularly autobiographical writing.

NEW A Storytelling Life — Added January 15, 2008

Around the World

As a journalist, I travel a lot, often in search of stories that I think are important to share with the rest of the world. I've written about the tragedy of war, the heartbreak of children left without their parents to watch over them, and of the beauty of places I particularly love.

Day In Day Out

For more childraising stories, you might want to order my collection of reprints. Click above for samples, in both text and audio.




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