"This haunting story, penned by a master wordsmith, is a reminder to savor every loved one and every day." - starred review, Booklist

"In this touching memoir, Maynard (To Die ForAt Home in the World) chronicles her second marriage. She beautifully renders the joy of falling in love later in life and the pain of watching her husband die of pancreatic cancer. Maynard's heartfelt story will resonate with those who have lost loved ones." - Publishers Weekly

"The Best of Us is so candid, so deeply moving, so powerful . . . a testament to human resilience. Joyce Maynard is unfathomably heroic." - Joyce Carol Oates

"I love this new work. I think it is the most important writing of her life--profound, heart wrenching, inspiring, full of joy and tears and life." - Anne Lamott

"Filled with passion and humor and beauty and aching sadness, The Best of Us gets at the heart of what love is: a willingness to open your heart completely to another person despite the risk of heartbreak." - Christina Baker Kline

"Joyce has captured her all too brief time with Jim in The Best of Us with her characteristic honesty and with so much love that my heart broke and soared on every page. Everyone needs to read this book." - Ann Hood

"Maynard's lyrical, moving, break-your-heart memoir will make you love a little harder, appreciate each second a little more, and shake your world in the best of ways." - Caroline Leavitt

"This fiercely honest book is as much about life as it is about death. We understand the magnitude of Maynard’s loss because she has shown us the magnitude of her gain: the transformative joy of finding love in her late fifties. I could not stop turning the pages." - Anne Fadiman

"Joyce Maynard's memoir of life, death, and love is written with honesty, intimacy and a generosity of spirit that left me weeping, and in awe. I loved it." - Abigail Thomas

"The Best of Us is shattering in the best possible sense. With exquisite honesty, bravery, and large-heartedness, Joyce Maynard gives us a love story that we read breathlessly, even though we know how it will end. This is a beautiful story about the complexity of ever daring to adore another human being. I was moved and transfixed." - Dani Shapiro

"Oh! This book! Tender, insightful, ruminative, soaring. To find such love and then to lose it, and to capture so much of its beauty on the meager page--Joyce Maynard alchemizes life-numbing pain into dazzling prose." - Hope Edelman


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“Joyce Maynard has created unforgettable characters in this moving story of love and loss. It will make you laugh and cry. Be prepared -- once you pick up this book you won't be able to put it down.” (Judy Blume on The Usual Rules)

“From the perfect pitch of a teenaged boy narrator to the eloquent message of how loneliness can bind people together…a novel you cannot miss.”  (Jodi Picoult on Labor Day)

“A deeply moving novel that sheds necessary light on that sometimes tenuous yet fiercely enduring love between daughters and fathers, an age-old love that can ultimately save and redeem…..A beautiful novel."  (Andre Dubus III, author of The House of Sand and Fog, on After Her)

"Brilliant! At Home in the World reads like a thriller. Maynard has written a poignant, deep memoir. Wonderful, compelling, honest, and right on target."  (Jeffrey M. Masson, author of Dogs Never Lie About Love)

''It's a story about the pull of consuming friendships, of seeking to escape into the lives of others, of possession and illusion — and you will not be able to put it down until Maynard herself releases you. Utterly captivating.''  (Megan Abbott, Edgar Award-winning author of Dare Me and The Fever, on Under the Influence)

“Joyce Maynard’s latest novel, After Her, is a suspenseful page-turning mystery, but even more compelling is her memorable portrait of a thirteen-year-old girl and the complicated world she shares with her sister; the intricate details of their life are sometimes hilarious, often heartbreaking, and always endearing.” (Jill McCorkle, author of Life After Life on AFTER HER)

“Passionate, profound, and as stunning as a sparking live wire coming slowly and irrevocably toward you, Maynard’s latest is nothing short of a masterpiece.” (Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow on Labor Day)