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Why I Teach Pie

"Twenty years ago this summer, when my sixty six year old mother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, I left my home and family to take care of her. One part of that care—with no medical value attached, but of comfort to her, and most of all to me, no doubt—was that nearly every night I baked my mother a pie.  I make good pies because I had a good teacher.  Her."

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LAbor Day & Pie

Here's an online pie lesson that was good enough for the cast and crew of Labor Day, and which earned a Top 5 award on

Here's an excerpt from Labor Day where Frank makes a pie, which became a classic scene from the film with Josh Brolin.


It’s all in the handling of the dough. And the skills a person needs to make good crust—adaptability, a certain bold faith, a willingness to abandon the concept of hard and fast rules and follow instinct instead—are ones that have served me well in many other aspects of life.