What could you gain from examining your story?

Everyone’s got a story to tell. But most of us lack not only the tools to tell our story effectively but the courage to explore our truth. Celebrated journalist, novelist and memoirist Joyce Maynard will give you the support and encouragement you need to delve deeply into your story and transform it into an absorbing, well-crafted memoir.

In these intimate videos, Joyce begins by walking you through the process of identifying your story. She then launches an in-depth exploration of craft, including how to effectively utilize language, story structure, dramatic tension, dialogue and rhythm, and descriptive language. 

Joyce also addresses stickier, more subtle elements of memoir, like managing the intensity inherent in telling our truth. Finally, she’ll address the challenges of the writing life, with practical tips on how to create a productive practice, design a comfortable writing space, deal with rejection and find an audience.

This course provides a strong foundation for the practice of memoir writing and is a great precursor to in-person workshop experiences. It also offers a valuable opportunity for self-reflection and exploration, even for those who are unsure if they wish to publish or share their work.


How to Write a Personal Essay

  • Identify a single big idea and weave it through your narrative.

  • Build an outline so you can structure your story and identify the beats.

  • Figure out the stakes, conflict, discovery, transformation and redemption.

  • Create interesting characters and understand their motives.

How to Write a Full Length Memoir

  • Add cinematic elements to your story, including a climactic turning point.

  • Identify the difference between “What happened?” and “What did it mean?”

  • Maintain your point of view and not lose sight of your real story.

  • Understand the difference between telling what happened and exploring your journey.

  • Figure out what to include in your story and what to cut out.

  • Decide on a point of view, a point of entry and a structure.

Writing Your Story

  • Get over your fears of revealing embarrassing truths about yourself.

  • Stop worrying about being judged.

  • Deal with loneliness and find your tribe.

  • Develop the arc of a sentence, a paragraph and a story.

  • Listen to the sound and rhythm of your sentences.

Or bundle all three!

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