View from a writing nook. (Photo: Marcy Maloy, 2018)

View from a writing nook. (Photo: Marcy Maloy, 2018)


March 15 - 24, 2019 (Guatemala)

Next winter marks the nineteenth Guatemalan workshop (WBTL), with a time-tested format in a rare and magical location—the Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna, surrounded by five volcanoes, on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  (You’ll enjoy an additional overnight stay in the lovely town of Antigua prior to arriving at Lake Atitlan.)  Joyce welcomes writers of all levels, from those publishing work or completing MFA’s to others just beginning to pursue writing. Renowned Chef Henry Lehr and a welcoming staff nurture you with over-the-top amazing food and massages, leaving you free to think only about your story. 

No matter what level writer you are, Joyce Maynard can make you better. She knows how to distill a story to its essence and help you shape it into a compelling experience for the reader.
 No matter what level writer, Joyce is a master teacher.

No matter what level writer, Joyce is a master teacher.


2019 TBA (New Hampshire)

Join Joyce and up to eight other writers in her home (in southwestern NH) for an intensive one-day workshop. Over the course of the day, each person's writing will be individually workshopped. Other topics covered will concern both issues of craft and more global questions, such as identifying one's themes; creating a structure; the relationship between memoir and history; locating one's voice; the ethics and personal issues associated with telling stories from our own lives; and the writing process itself. (This includes the terror of NOT writing, and the many impediments we throw in our way to keep us from telling our stories.)

This was the most extraordinary writing experience I’ve ever had. Thanks to Joyce’s individualized feedback and general writing lessons, I feel like I have some essential tools for writing well in my very own voice.

Can't make it to one of these? Check out the highly acclaimed online workshop through Creative Live.